Deep Core Activation Pop-Up Session with Coach Madi

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About This Session

Deep Core Activation Pop-Up Session with Coach Madi

If you're a local Studio client - you probably already know Coach Madi - and what our monthly 'pop-ups' and 'E-5s' are :-)

But if you're new 'here' or are a long-distance client, then you get to meet Coach Madi, one of our AWESOME Studio coaches, in her pop-up classes...

Coach Madi guided the class through a gentle and focused deep-core activation session which involves the pelvic, floor, the hips, the lower and mid-back - and some of the other zones of the body as well.

Back pain relief, posture improvement, neck stiffness reduction and better range of motion are just some of the benefits you'll get from this session. And yes, it can be done daily if you wish :-)

Enjoy and be sure to get the benefits of this one by DOING IT WITH HER as you watch it.