LIIT Total Body Intermediate #2 Improvised Experimental Personal Training Session

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About This Session

LIIT Total Body Intermediate #2 Improvised Experimental Personal Training Session

LIIT is the acronym for "Low-Impact Interval Training" - the opposite of the common/mainstream 'HIIT' workout methods that are unrealistic for most people...

So we are BIG advocates of Low-Impact & HIGH Focus - awesome control, quality form, NO momentum - and SYNERGY of combined movements...

And this session is another example of all that. Enjoy and stay tuned for MORE.

Here are the exercises featured in this session:

  1. Modified Warm-Up Push-Up
  2. Full-Body Push-Up
  3. Lat Push-Backs with Bands (Bands Low)
  4. Lunge and Shoulder Press Combo with Bands (Bands Low)
  5. AV Bar Push-Off
  6. Bicep Curls with Bands (Bands Low, from the back)
  7. Slow Squats with Band Curl Hold (Bands Low, from the front)
  8. Close-grip Push-Off (Using Step)
  9. Abs/Core Front Chop Down the Middle (Band High to Low)
  10. Diagonal Abs/Core Single Inside Arm Slow Chop (Band High to Low)
  11. Reverse Grip Partial Bodyweight Row
  12. Assisted Pistol Squat - Partial Bodyweight
  13. Partial Bodyweight Row Facing Home-Gym
  14. Tricep Kickbacks with Bands (Bands Low)

If going through this session once is "easy" then go through it a second time (as I instruct on the specifics in the video).

And as I mention in the video, this session can be combined with other sessions, depending on what you're aiming to achieve with this session as a whole, and/or the specific day you're doing it.

To post questions, comments or feedback about this session, be sure to visit the Official SCULPTAFIT-Club private group zone and post in there. You already have the link bookmarked, or it is in the email that you originally received the day you became a SCULPTAFIT-Club member.

Enjoy the session and if you love it - be sure to click 'Add to Favorites' so you can access it quickly :-)

Onward we go!
~Joey and the Team

Joey Atlas, B.S., Exercise Science / M.S., Exercise Physiology

Joey and his Team help families, companies and organizations implement realistic, unique and effective fitness programming that focuses on mindset adjustment for permanent behavior change that leads to health and wellness improvements for a better life in all regards.

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