Mickey's Reconditioning Training Program: Session 1 and 2

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About This Session

Mickey's Reconditioning Training Program: Session 1 and 2

Mickey, this video series is your foundational training routine. For the first 2 weeks you’ll go through the main video (the first one listed):

– every other day
– just one time through

You’ll also aim to get at least 1 mile of walking in daily. Again – it can be broken up into 2 half mile walks. 

If you choose to add more distance – that is totally fine – GO FOR IT. (the dog will benefit too)

In week 3 we’ll aim to start going through the above training sequence 2x through, every other day.

On the alternating/opposite days
– I want you to go through the neck training sequence video (the second video) to recondition your neck muscles.

And by week 5 or 6 we should be ready to add to your program and build on the foundation you’ve started developing. After we meet for a FIT-Q assessment (about 5 weeks), I'll know what you'll be capable of doing in the next phase of training.

Gradual progress is the key to all of this.

==> Send me your daily checkin text when you’ve done all training for that day – even if it’s only a walking day. And the food summary as well 🙂

And if ever a question, at all – I’m just a text/phone call away.

Onward we go!

Joey Atlas

Hi Vance! this is actually a step included for private coaching clients, BUT, if you want to do it in a more casual way - just post your daily checkin in the same facebook group page we've been communicating in.


Joey, I'm new to face book; how do I send you my daily checkin text and food summary. Thanks, Vance

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