QUICKLY-FIT Green-Bean Great-Bean Uber-Soup Cooking Video

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QUICKLY-FIT Green-Bean Great-Bean Uber-Soup Cooking Video

You'll notice this is a very quick, simple and straightforward meal that makes eating healthy easier to do on the nights when you're pressed for time and low on enthusiasm for "cooking"...

As I mention in the video, I have a bunch of variations on this recipe and will share those in future posts.

Here are the links to some of the ingredients I highlight in this brilliant video:

1 - Organic 21 Herb and Spice Mix

2 - Colima Sea-Salt (I added some after I saw that it was lacking in the flavor.)

I did't add a healthy fat during the video - but when eating, I did add a tablespoon of healthy oil to give it an extra dimension and a boost in nutrition (we NEED healthy fats) So, there are what you can use:

3 - Organic Olive Oil - or you can go with Ava Jane's Avocado Oil

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