Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Makeover: Level 1 - Standing Training Session

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About This Session

Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Makeover: Level 1 - Standing Training Session

This training session can be used by Non Home-Gym owners as well as Home-Gym owners.

While this can be done by beginners - don't let the 'gentle' aspect of it fool you. This is a very well-rounded session that targets all the muscles of the lower body, including some of the core.

While originally aimed at the trouble-zones of the female body - the 4-Part ULBHTM program has become popular with men as well, especially those who are starting from a de-conditioned state of fitness - as well as those looking to enhance strength and stability for better sports performance (golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, fishing, etc, etc)

It is also ideal for travel fitness (vacation, business, etc) as well as for use at the office (corporate fitness - workplace wellness), since it can be done without common fitness-center machines or typical health club equipment. It's a great one to do outdoors, if the weather is good.

To post questions, comments or feedback about this session, be sure to visit the Official SCULPTAFIT-Club private group zone and post in there. You already have the link bookmarked, or it is in the email that you originally received the day you became a SCULPTAFIT-Club member.

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Hi I just subscribed to the Non-Home Gym owners program and would like info on where to begin and how to proceed. My bio is a 75 year old male, 205lbs, no major medical problems. Would like to condition the entire body and mostly improve my strength and lung function. Thanks

Joey Atlas, B.S., Exercise Science / M.S., Exercise Physiology

Joey and his Team help families, companies and organizations implement realistic, unique and effective fitness programming that focuses on mindset adjustment for permanent behavior change that leads to health and wellness improvements for a better life in all regards.

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